Network information

This network is connected though multiple transit providers and common used peering platforms
in Europe

10G AS6777 AMS-IX
10G AS6695 DE-CIX

10G AS3549 Global Crossing
10G AS9009 GlobalaXs Communications
10G AS5580 Atrato IP Networks
10G AS174 Cogent

Amsterdam GlobalSwitch                              Amsterdam TELECITY II
Brocade RX4                                                       Brocade RX4

Data Facilities BV Spijkenisse                     Data Facilities BV Spijkenisse
CORE1                                                                CORE2
Brocade RX4                                                      Brocade RX4

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Our Servers are located at the following facilities:

DataFacilities BV Spijkenisse
Core Network , Dedicated and Colocated Servers
1st Nameserver

Globalswitch Amsterdam Sloten
2nd Nameserver

Telecity II  Amsterdam Zuid Oost
3rd Nameserver

We provide our services in different high end datacenter facilities in The Netherlands.
All the facilities we use are 24×7 accessable for authorized personel and clients.

The datacenters have at least 0.5 MVA power netfeed
and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and gensets

Professional PDU systems to split the 1MVA netpower to the racks at 230 volt 1 phase or 380volt 3 phase

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